My website portfolio

A selection of my work

Over the years I have been involved in a lot of projects. This is just a small selection. I have left out sites done in collaboration with others and some, like customised MySpace pages and ex-girlfriends’ blogs, are long gone. Others are now so out-of-date that they are not worth listing.

  • Nagle Pumps

    Nagle Pumps

    Nagle manufactures industrial pumps. I was asked to design and develop a new website as part of an ongoing project to update all the Ruthman Company websites.

  • RAE Pumps

    RAE Pumps

    RAE had recently been created as a Ruthman Company brand. I was tasked with creating a new website that showcased the products and featured an eCommerce order system.

  • Wagner


    Wagner was concerned about usability and their visibility in search engine results. I rebuilt the current website with cleaner code, small design changes and improved SEO.

  • Great Southern Pump

    Great Southern Pump

    Great Southern Pump is another Ruthman Company. The website was very out-of-date. I was asked to redesign and update it for modern users.

  • Process Systems

    Process Systems

    After I developed the new Ruthman Companies website I was asked to update some of the company’s other websites. Process Systems was the first.

  • West London Deep

    West London Deep

    Dave Hedger is a music producer, remixer and DJ. Over the years I have worked on several personal website projects for him and a record label site.

  • Ruthman


    My first website for Ruthman Companies. It was already in development. They hired me to take over the project.

  • Scary Biscuits

    Scary Biscuits

    Scary Biscuits is the promotions business of Morag Neil, a friend of mine. I suggested I could refresh her 2006 website.



    AVIRE was originally four different companies. I was only supposed to advise on the new company’s website but ended up building it.

  • Smith Flow Control

    Smith Flow Control

    After I built the Netherlocks website, a sister company to Smith Flow Control, I was asked to update their website too.

  • Netherlocks


    After I had redesigned and built the Alicat website I was approached by Netherlocks, another Halma company, to update theirs.

  • The Wrong DJs

    The Wrong DJs

    Just for fun. The first website I ever built, back in 2004. It was to promote my friend and me as DJs. It was meant to be silly.