The Wagner Process Equipment website

Wagner Process Equipment, a Ruthman Company, is more a distributor rather than a manufacturer. They were concerned about the company’s visibility in search engine results. I was commissioned to rebuild the current website in WordPress and improve the site’s SEO.

Visit the Wagner Process Equipment website (opens in a new tab).

No design required

Well, not exactly no design but almost none. The original website was reasonably well designed and organised but had a few out-dated design choices. I made some minor changes to freshen it up and bring it inline with the recent Ruthman Company websites that I had developed.

The original Wagner Process Equipment website

Search Engine Optimisation

A big reason for the new version of the website was search engine optimisation. I made all the changes I could that would help the site rank higher. I would like to have developed the site more as there were other changes that I wanted to make but they were put on hold for a later date.