The Great Southern Pump website

Great Southern Pump is a Ruthman Company. The company’s website was built in 2012. I was asked to redesign and update it in a more modern style.

Visit the Great Southern Pump website (opens in a new tab).

The website reorganisation

As with all projects that involve older websites the first stage is taking all the information on the site and trying to reorganise it for a more modern and intuitive user experience.

I worked with Ruthman’s Director of Marketing to decide what text we needed and where it should be used. Once we had that a clearer idea of how to proceed it was on to the website build.

The build

While making changes to a website I still want to keep continuity with the previous one unless a complete change has been requested.

The Great Southern Pump original website

In this case elements such as the main company colours were still used, but in a more sparing way, and the “Quick Quote” form was kept on the Home page.

The banner was turned into three highlight boxes on the Home page so that they could be read more easily.

The gallery was dropped but some of the pictures were used to illustrate the website.

The design was kept inline with the other websites I have built for Ruthman companies.