The Nagle Pumps website

The Nagle Pumps website

Nagle Pumps is a Ruthman Company and, like all Ruthman Companies, Nagle manufactures industrial pumps. Nagle’s pumps are suited for use in harsh, corrosive environments. As part of an ongoing project to update the Ruthman websites I was asked to design and develop a new site for Nagle.

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The previous website

The company had a website that was built in 2013. It was not responsive for modern devices, had an information-heavy Home page and was not particularly well organised.

The old Nagle Pumps website
The previous Nagle Pumps website

The first thing I did was take all the content and reorganise it so that the pages were more clearly arranged. This would make it much easier for a user to find what they were looking for. The content of the Home page also needed to clearly telegraph what the company does.

Working closely with Ruthman’s Director of Marketing I broke the old website down and pieced it back together in a more intuitive way that provided information in clear, bite-sized pieces.

Building the new website

The reorganisation was the difficult part of the process. The build was quite simple. The website needed to stick closely to the Ruthman Company house style and I had already built several of them, including the Ruthman Company website itself.

Nagle didn’t have any photographs that I could use but luckily the company’s brochures did have illustrations. They were in the company’s colours and they clearly demonstrated the range of the company’s products so we decided to use them in the design.

One thing Nagle were keen to keep was an interactive map for the company’s distributors. They had one on the previous website and didn’t want to lose that functionality.

The new Interactive Geo Map of distributors

I could have built the map myself but it would have taken time and increased the budget. Luckily there is a very good map plugin by Carlos Moreira available for WordPress called “Interactive Geo Maps” (opens in a new tab). I don’t like to use plugins, preferring to write my own, but this is a quality one that is highly rated, well managed and frequently updated so I had confidence in using it.