The West London Deep website

Dave Hedger is a dance music producer, remixer and DJ. Over the years I’ve worked on many website projects for him and a record label site. I’ve also worked on a lot of other things such as logos, graphics, images and videos.

Visit the West London Deep website (opens in a new tab).


I built the first West London Deep website way back in 2005. Since then I have made three versions of the website. Way back in time I also customised the West London Deep MySpace page. Dave had one of the best looking pages on MySpace, apart from my own (yes, I was on MySpace – it was great for music at the time).

This is the latest version of the West London Deep website. It was just a quick job to update the design of what had already been built. Dave doesn’t give me much content to work with so it’s a bit sparse. However, he does have a lot of music.

Therefore the page I’m most pleased with is the Music page (link opens in a new tab). I created a playlist of samples of all the tracks Dave has done in the last 20 years including remixes of tracks by the likes of Moby and Röyksopp. If you listen to them and you like dance music I think you’ll agree that he’s incredibly talented.

For your entertainment

I hope you enjoy this video. Dave came back from working in Jamaica with some home video he and his friend had shot before iPhones existed. He asked me to edit it together to go with the track he had made with the reggae legend that is Big Youth. I didn’t have much footage to work with but amazingly it came out alright.