Dolemite Is My Name


I’ve already said I love true stories. Yesterday’s was one. And today’s is one – my favourite film of last year by a country mile, “Dolemite Is My Name”. This was a passion project for Eddie Murphy for over 10 years, then Netflix came to him with all their money, wanting him to do comedy specials and he said okay, as long as he could make “Dolemite”.

It’s the hilarious and inspiring true story of Rudy Ray Moore, who never stopped trying to be successful at something – music, comedy, acting. As my Mum and Dad always said, “God loves a trier” and you will too. It’s full of swearing, but it’s also incredibly sweet, kind-hearted and lovable.

Murphy immerses himself in the role – you’ll forget it’s him, the supporting cast are amazing (Wesley Snipes came out of retirement to do it and is especially funny), and the production design, recreating the 70s, is just wonderful, especially all the clothes, that were designed by Oscar winner Ruth E. Carter.

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