Another metaphorical movie which I love. This one is more female-centric, with a slight connection to yesterday’s movie. “Colossal” (on Netflix), by writer/director Nacho Vigalondo, is a magic realism story.

An American woman, whose life is a mess, returns to her home town only to discover that she’s also responsible for the actions of a Godzilla-like monster in South Korea. Yeah, it does sound completely bonkers. But it’s very funny, dramatic, hard-hitting, has many twists, and is absolutely wonderful.

It’s totally original and a must see. Anne Hathaway was looking for something different in her career and took a gamble on the script when there was no money. Because she signed on they got a budget, and she’s amazing in the role. Jason Sudeikis, as her old friend, is also insanely good.

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