“We’re going to the front”. Inspired by yesterday’s movie, and current events, today’s movie is Bong Joon-ho’s “Snowpiercer”, which is based on a French comic. It’s the metaphorical, incredibly dramatic and entertaining story of a post-apocalyptic revolution.

It’s set on a train where the poor reside at the back and the rich live at the front. It has a fantastic cast, the direction is amazing and the production design is jaw-dropping – even the characters in the film marvel at what they see.

It was South Korea’s biggest budget movie at the time, and it shows. Bong is a great director. He won the Oscar last year for “Parasite” (the first foreign film to ever win Best Picture), and his other recent film “Okja” (on Netflix) is also fantastically good – watch it. And the movie has inspired a new Netflix series.

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