Adding Pages to Drupal


Now that we have a home page, we should add some more pages. I’m going to add an “About” page.

Adding a page is just the same as adding the Home page. Click on “Content” in the Admin Bar, or click “Add content” under “Tools” in the left sidebar.

Once again you get the choice of adding an Article or a Basic page. An About page is always a static page, not a blog post or newss item, so we’ll choose Basic page.

I then give it a Title – About, and add some content. Just as with the home page you can choose to give it a URL Alias e.g. /about. For now I’m not going to do that. I had to give the home page an alias in order to move /home to the home page. However, for now I want to keep the URL for the About page in its raw form as I want to learn about how Drupal structures a site using nodes. There will more on nodes later, I’m sure.

What we do want to do, however, is have a link to the About page in the main menu. In the “Menu Settings” box tick “Provide a menu link”. The Menu link title should already be filled in, but you can change it if you want. The Parent item should be <Main navigation>, and we’ll give it a Weight of 10 so that it appears after the home page in the menu.

Drupal adding an About page
Adding an About page to Drupal

Once you save the page you will have a new About page, and it appears as a menu item in the main menu. My About page is available at the URL If you have given your page a URL alias it will appear at (or whatever alias you used).

First Drupal About page
The Drupal About page once created

You should see that your About page also features breadcrumbs under the main menu. Strangely they don’t end with a non-clickable “About” as I would expect, but that’s something to look into once I start building my own theme.

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