Withnail and I


“We’ve gone on holiday by mistake”. This is a must-see. Following the buddy comedy of “Paul”, it’s time for the hugely influential, highly quotable, cult classic “Withnail and I”. It’s Bruce Robinson’s amazingly hilarious love letter to his friend Vivian MacKerrell, “the funniest person I ever met”.

There is barely any plot. Two struggling actors decide they need a break from London and take a trip to the Lake District.

Written and directed by Robinson, it made a star of Richard E. Grant. He plays Withnail, the flamboyant, alcoholic MacKerrell character. Paul McGann is the more understated Robinson character.

It’s bitter-sweet. Robinson went on to become a successful actor, writer and director. MacKerrell only had a few acting roles before he died of cancer at 50.

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