The Martian


More science today and more Matt Damon, with added disco music. “The Martian” is basically “Robinson Crusoe on Mars” (yes, there is already a 1964 film with that title). This highly entertaining story was originally released in monthly chapters by Andy Weir on his own website and when it was published it became a sensation, topping the New York Times’ bestseller list.

Weir is a scientist himself and wanted to write a realistic story about how someone could possibly survive on Mars. The only liberty he took, which he admits, was with the storms – there’s hardly any atmosphere on Mars to create a storm.

Drew Goddard wrote a fantastic adaptation, Ridley Scott does a wonderful job directing, the cinematography by Dariusz Wolski makes Mars real and it’s edited by the great Pietro Scalia.

Matt Damon has to carry most of the movie on his own, and he kills it. The rest of the characters, who work to rescue him, are also amazing.

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