Miller’s Crossing


“I’m talking about character, I’m talking about friendship … I’m talking about ethics”. Another hard-boiled movie, “Miller’s Crossing” is my second Coen Brothers pick, which I mentioned when I posted “Yojimbo”. It’s also based on the works of the great Dashiell Hammett – mostly “The Glass Key” and “Red Harvest”.

Gabriel Byrne said making it renewed his faith in acting. It’s wonderfully made, incredibly stylised and the plot is amazingly intricate with many twists and turns.

The Coens actually had to take a break in the middle of writing it. They made “Barton Fink” instead because they couldn’t make the complex plot work (so don’t expect to understand it all first time around).

All the cast (mostly Coen Brothers regulars) are fantastic, especially Byrne, John Turturro and Albert Finney. The cinematography is beautiful and the score by Carter Burwell is sublime – the main theme over the opening credits gets me every time.

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