Beginning Drupal


I’ve used WordPress to build a lot of websites. This website is a WordPress website. I feel that it’s time to learn several new Content Management Systems (CMS), especially as I’m developing a web design and development business out of what started as a hobby.

We are currently facing a global pandemic and the United Kingdom is in lockdown. I find myself stuck at home with time on my hands. If I’m honest, there are hundreds of other things I could be doing with my time but this seems like the most fun. Yes, I said fun – but this is just the first step. I’m sure there will be moments when, if I had hair, I would be pulling it out.

I’ve decided to learn Drupal, not to expert level, but I’d at least like a good working knowledge. I’m going to document my learning process here. My hope is that, by detailing my Drupal journey, this blog series will make things as simple and clear as possible for anyone else wanting to learn the basics of this widely used CMS.

Why Drupal?

The reason I’m documenting it is I have read that Drupal is not as simple or intuitive as WordPress and the learning curve is quite steep.

I chose Drupal because, not only does it seem like a challenge, but it is widely used and has a good reputation. (Write something about big sites on Drupal). In addition, and perhaps most importantly, it’s free.

I’ve started looking at the documentation and it doesn’t seem intuitive or well organised. That’s maybe unfair – it doesn’t seem well organised to a noob like me. Perhaps saying it seems complex is more appropriate. As I learn more perhaps my opinion of the documentation will change.

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