From sci-fi to tech-reality today. “Snowden” from Oliver Stone will scare you. It’s a great movie detailing how Edward Snowden went from patriot to the most notorious whistle blower ever.

It’s mostly based on the making of the Oscar winning documentary “Citizenfour” by Laura Poitras (which is also a great companion piece to this). It details the meetings in Hong Kong in which Snowden gave up his files to The Guardian newspaper.

But it also tells the story of Snowden’s work at the CIA from the very start and how he discovered the extent of global government surveillance.

Stone is very focused on showing how widespread it really was and, some might disagree with this, but how brave Snowden was to do what he did. It is thrilling. The cast are amazing (many are just cameos but great ones), and the production as always with Stone and his team is fantastic.

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