Good Will Hunting


Keeping on the mental health tip I thought it’s maybe time for “Good Will Hunting”. Not only is it a fantastic movie, but the fact that Robin Williams, who won an Oscar for this, took his own life after his own struggles with mental health, gives it extra poignancy. It’s a reminder that you can never know what is going on in someone’s head.

Written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck (who jointly won the Oscar for Best Screenplay) and wonderfully directed by Gus Van Sant, it tells the story of Will Hunting, who is incredibly smart but doesn’t want to capitalise on his genius because of his past and his position in society – a poor boy from Boston.

The performances are great and Robin Williams and Matt Damon especially create a fantastic father-son bond. And it has one of my favourite film moments when Ben Affleck tells Matt Damon that he hopes one day he’ll arrive to pick him up for work and he’ll be gone.

There was a young woman who worked in my local shop and she’d flirt with me (don’t know why, I was old enough to be her Dad, but we had a laugh – we even ended up emailing each other). She was obviously incredibly smart and interested in film and marketing and I told her about that scene. And one day she was just gone. It made me very happy. Good for her. I hope she’s doing well.

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