Another anecdote, and another moving, extraordinary true story – one that I intimately knew before it was made.

When I started in the film business I worked closely with my boss, Jonathan Cavendish (there were only three of us in the office). “Breathe” is one of his latest films. He used to tell me outrageous stories about his father Robin, who was completely paralysed by polio in Africa at the age of 28, just before Jonathan was born.

Robin continued to live his life to the full, became an inspiration to many and improved many other lives in the process.

Jonathan currently has a production company with Andy Serkis (of “Lord of the Rings”, “Planet of the Apes” and “Black Panther” fame). This is Serkis’ directorial debut, and is produced by Jonathan. It’s the amazing story of Robin and his loving wife Diana.

Serkis does a fantastic job and Andrew Garfield is excellent as Robin, but Claire Foy is absolutely outstanding as Diana. Maybe I’m biased because I worked with Jonathan, but I think it’s a brilliant film and a wonderful tribute to his father and mother.

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